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Even after 7 years since their bankruptcy in 2012, Kodak remains as a prime example for businesses to learn from their past failures. The film-based company was first established in the late 1880s, thrived in the photography industry in the 1970s, and ultimately filed for bankruptcy in 2012.
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Outsourcing fulfilment can benefit businesses with lowered costs, an opportunity for expansion and brand-building through customer satisfaction.
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Build the reputation of your business by ensuring great customer experience and satisfaction by outsourcing last mile delivery services
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Your customers eagerly wait for their parcels each time they place an order, which they expect to be delivered in time. Any delay or a mix-up can put them off, causing you to lose their trust in your services.
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In 2014, unicorns in the Initial Public Offerings (IPO) were known to be a mythical and rare breed, with only 39 of them in existence. However, they have multiplied extensively since then, with more than 360 of them in the world. 
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Industry 4.0 is rapidly changing the way businesses operate today. Where computers and automation were once a disruptive force in the third industrial revolution, they now underpin key components that characterise the fourth - machine learning and real-time data metrics.
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E-commerce is thriving and businesses must stay up-to-date with customers’ demands to create a seamless shopping experience. Find out why.
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Although the United States (US) and China have reached a 90 day truce in their year-long trade war during the G-20 Summit, there are still several obstacles that could deter the attainment of a long-term deal. Despite putting the trade war on pause, the tariffs imposed by both countries are still welded in place, with Trump and Xi adamant in securing a deal that is in their favour. Apart from the 2 superpowers, a country has risen to be a force to be reckoned with, and that country is Vietnam.Co...
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Hong Kong has thrived as one of the pre-eminent centres for investment and commerce by multinational companies. Moreover, as the courts are independent from the plethora of regulations from the mainland, foreign companies have the security to invest there, reinforcing Hong Kong’s pivotal role as a nucleus of finance and commerce on the global stage.
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When America sneezes the whole world catches a cold. This statement sheds light on the gravity of the repercussions that the US-China trade wars brings. Unsurprisingly, the clash of the two powerhouses will result in massive spill-over effects across countries and industries.
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