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Outsource Last Mile Delivery For Better Customer Satisfaction

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As the final step of the logistics chain, the last mile delivery refers to the movement of goods from the distribution hub to the end users – usually customers. Customers are looking to receive their goods in a timely manner – factors like accuracy, speed and precision of deliveries being the top few. Outsourcing your last mile deliveries to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider can expedite them, effectively improving customer service.


Save On Time

There are many moving parts to keeping a business successfully competitive; of which last mile deliveries are one of the most time-consuming processes. With more than one in 10 deliveries being unsuccessful, making repeated trips can hamper the optimisation of time – effectively raking up costs. Requesting the customer to pick up packages also contributes to inconvenience and is likely to dampen the reviews of the business.

As the intention behind the last mile is to transport the goods quickly, employing the expertise and resources of a provider can optimise the function. 


Ensure Cost-Efficiency

Capital and labour costs eventually add up. With the last mile accounting for 41% of supply chain costs, outsourcing can help businesses manage increasing demands while being cost-efficient. Given that the e-commerce market in ASEAN is expected to grow up to S$120 billion, leveraging on the technological solutions, smarter warehousing options and fulfilment services of a 3PL provider gives your business room for continued growth while keeping costs low.



Offer Real-Time Tracking

According to UPS, 83% of customers consider knowing when their parcels will arrive as a vital component of efficient delivery. By outsourcing, you gain access to technology-based solutions that optimise better deliveries, especially when the goods are time or temperature-sensitive.

Capitalise on last mile delivery management software that offers real-time tracking on a map interface to make efficient deliveries.



Accommodate Customer Needs 

Accommodating customers’ needs is an essential touchpoint in ensuring excellent service. Likewise, customer satisfaction is pivotal in managing your business’s reputation. According to Korn Ferry, over 80% of businesses report successful customer relationships due to outsourcing. Improved tracking systems, rescheduling of delivery times and handling on-demand enquiries are some of the advantages that come with the expertise of a 3PL provider. 

Outsourcing last mile delivery services allow you to optimise your business’ core competencies and leverage on a provider’s services and expertise when necessary.

To learn more about Roadbull’s last mile delivery services, click here.

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