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Global E-Commerce Multi-Channel System (GEMS)

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Global E-Commerce Multi-Channel System (GEMS)

As online sales continue growing exponentially, there is a parallel increase in orders having to navigate the complexities of last mile deliveries. In a cost-conscious economy, companies that leverage the digital solutions of a fulfilment company will be able to scale and grow their businesses.

A technology-enabled and dynamic omni-channel order fulfilment system, the Global E-Commerce Multi-Channel System (GEMS) efficiently and accurately improves the fulfilment and last mile capabilities of businesses with real time data. 

From inventory management to real time tracking, GEMS simplifies and expedites your shipping and fulfilment needs.img_01-02

Providing An Assurance of Quality

With 38% of customers not repurchasing due to subpar experiences, quality control contributes to the continued success of a business in today’s global market. Bypassing quality control checks in favour of a quicker fulfilment process can lead to shipping out wrong and defective products.

GEMS quality assurance at significant checkpoints of picking, packing and shipping allows for a timely and accurate order fulfilment process. With quality assurance, your business gets to save on time and money that would otherwise be spent on defective or wrong order shipments whilst keeping customer satisfaction levels up.


Fulfilling the Last-Mile

The last mile delivery refers to the movement of goods from the distribution centre to customers. Outsourcing allows you to leverage their software management tools to ensure that your last mile deliveries are cost-efficient, trackable in real time and most importantly, able to accommodate the needs of your customers. 

With 45% of customers abandoning businesses due to late deliveries, last mile deliveries must be trackable in real time and able to accommodate customer needs. From tracking functions to real time customer support, GEMS last mile service is capable of helping businesses sustain excellent customer service - a touchpoint that must be addressed for continued success and growth. 


Leveraging Data Analytics

Approximately 82% of fulfilment providers will capitalise on the benefits of advanced analytics in the next couple of years. With access to detailed history logs, businesses can analyse and review past transactions. The use of data analytics in fulfilment services allows for improved forecasting accuracy.

Using GEMS, businesses can stay atop the purchasing trends and market shifts in the industry by leveraging the available data. Being able to foresee the shift in demand and changes in the market primes businesses to plan and strategise for the long-term - essentially enabling them to draw in higher profit margins by working ahead.

Learn more about GEMS here.

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