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    Channel Management, inventory management, order packing, and shipping

    operations for E-commerce businesses.


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    GEMS | Global E-Commerce Multi-Channel System

    We provide you with a formidable mix of understanding, reliability, accountability. Continuous improvement is our passion.

    Detail Driven: A total-value solution that not only simplifies your domestic and international needs but enhances the value chain to your customers.

    Fulfilment companies today must operate faster, more efficiently, and with meticulous accuracy, compared to the traditional fulfilment companies of before. Explore what makes GEMS Fulfilment the obvious choice to handle your shipping & fulfilment needs.

    What is Order Fulfilment

    Order fulfilment is the process in between receiving a customer's order information and delivering their order. Fulfilment begins when the order information is transmitted via system (GEMS) to the warehouse or inventory storage facility. The product matching the order information on the invoice is then located and packaged for shipping. Although the customer does not see any of the efforts behide the scenes, order fulfilment is one of biggest components of customer satisfaction. The order must be accurately packed and shipped in a timely manner so the package arrives exactly as the customer expects and on time.

    • Order Fulfilment

      Orders received before cut-off time will be shipped the next day, guaranteed.

    • Quality Checks

      All our processes are covered by a working procedure/work instruction document and are all subject to regular quality checks.

    • Inventory Management

      Track order information, resolve inventory issues and improve customer support through real time dashboards and insightful reporting.

    • Returns Management

      We simplify the return process for retailers, ensuring stringent quality checks before restocking.

    • Data Analytics

      Keep your customers informed using business reports and access detailed activity history logs for analysis.

    • Last Mile

      Ship to customers locally with our last mile services.

    What does it mean for your
    E-commerce Business?

    How do our E-commerce fulfilment services help
    you to save?
    • Higher customer satisfaction
    • System-Process driven return processing
    • Lower storage fees
    • System-Process driven order fulfilment
    • Faster decision making because of live, accurate reporting
    • Increase inventory turn rate
    • Improved demand planning

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