Fulfilment Services

Ecommerce Fulfilment Services in Singapore

What happens at a fulfilment centre

A fulfilment centre is a facility that specializes in inventory storage, picking products accurately, packaging for shipment and handing off to a shipping provider. Our focus on the fulfilment process itself allows us to optimize our core competencies and execute masterfully. The strategic advantages of partnering with a fulfilment company with a full suite of services extends beyond their ability to leverage these core competencies. Fulfilment allows you to reach more of your customers in less time. The centralized distribution also allows for reduced shipping costs.

Many of such fulfilment centres outsource some part of this supply chain, resulting in information breakdowns and delays when something goes wrong. However with GEMS, we manage the full supply chain in house from the order picking up the last mile delivery, thus ensuring a seamless user experience.

What does it mean for your
E-commerce Business?

How do our E-commerce fulfilment services help
you to save?
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • System-Process driven return processing
  • Lower storage fees
  • System-Process driven order fulfilment
  • Faster decision making because of live, accurate reporting
  • Increase inventory turn rate
  • Improved demand planning

What GEMS can do for you?

GEMS is a comprehensive and dynamic omni-channel order fulfilment system that provides a seamless user experience. Enabling the user to aggregate orders, inventories as well as analyzing and improving their fulfilment capabilities with real time data.

Order fulfilment workflow

Order fulfilment is the process of storing goods, packing orders, and shipping products to buyers. All activities involved in shipping products to customers.

Fulfilment Services

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