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Gain A Competitive Edge By Outsourcing Fulfilment

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Gain A Competitive Edge By Outsourcing Fulfilment

Ensuring that your business remains competitive on a global platform depends not only on the quality of your product but the ability to provide fuss-free fulfilment. As customers demand for faster and more accurate fulfilment, outsourcing to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider can streamline supply chain processes.

When picking, packing and shipping your orders become labour-intensive, outsourcing fulfilment takes a load off your hands.


Reduce Your Operational Costs

With 24.7% of supply chain professionals attesting to delivery costs as the biggest challenge for B2C e-commerce, outsourcing fulfilment is a cost-efficient alternative to lower capital expenditure in the long-run. Gain better economies of scale by capitalising on 3PL providers – with existing infrastructure such as packing equipment, experienced staff and technology-based systems, they are capable of managing fulfilment as a core service.

Moreover, paying only for specific services results in autonomy over cost control, especially during seasonal volume changes. Likewise, as overhead costs incurred by 3PL providers are distributed across clients, you get to leverage on optimum pricing terms – effectively resulting in cost savings for all parties involved.


Focus on your business

For growing businesses, time is a vital resource. Smart business owners understand the need for delegation.

Ramp up on market expansion with strategic geographic footprints in foreign markets without committing to potentially risky overhead costs. Leveraging on the expertise of a 3PL fulfilment provider grants flexibility for scaling businesses with minimal capital investment.


Build Reliability

In today’s competitive business environment, 70% of supply chain professionals can corroborate to improved supply chain systems being a key driver in customer satisfaction. As demands evolve to include same-day delivery, click-and-collect and free shipping options, fulfilment logistics can become complex for business owners to navigate.

3PL fulfilment providers bring capability and experience to accommodate the challenges of delayed, missing or incorrect order shipments – problems certain to alienate your customer base. The availability of customised reports, real-time tracking and inventory management can give businesses a boost in improving customer service. According to Forbes Insights, over 50% are in agreement that technology-based solutions are having a massive impact on supply chain operations. After all, satisfied customers are your best bet for strong brand advocates.

Outsourcing fulfilment may not be an option for all businesses, but the benefits of having a top-notch fulfilment process in place can help your business grow with little overhead costs.

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