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The 3 C’s of Adapting to the Digitalisation of Retail

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The 3 C’s of Adapting to the Digitalisation of Retail  

Customers expect a hassle-free retail experience. What completes this, of course, is the successful delivery of their parcel with the right contents. Messing up orders frustrates customers and nobody likes to be at the receiving end of this. No retailer wants hoards of customers breathing down their necks.

Businesses need to source for strategic solutions to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience up to the point of delivery. Here are three reasons why.


Customer Experience is Everything

As with every retailer, your customer’s experience is of utmost importance. A delayed order will put them off, and a mix-up will leave them bitter. Firming up every level of the post-purchase experience is important to convince customers that their products will be delivered swiftly as promised. You can entrust this responsibility to a fulfilment centre who will prepare and deliver your orders directly to your customers on your behalf.


Convenience is Key

When customers spend a hefty sum, they want to make sure their parcel is rightfully delivered. Being informed of the real-time status of their order on-the-go lets your customers know where their items are exactly along the supply chain and when they will arrive. When they are notified of the delivery date and time, they can conveniently schedule the day’s events accordingly so that someone will be at home to receive their parcel. The tracking feature gives customers the confidence to purchase from the same retailer repeatedly - 85% of US customers are more likely to engage the retailer again if they are able to track their order.


Credibility to Earn Brand Loyalty

The level of transparency through the tracking feature makes businesses accountable for deadlines, a key indicator of a credible customer-oriented business. Products must also reach customers in order. Some customers have a zero-tolerance policy on shipping mistakes and dealing with such mishaps will only give a bad impression of your brand. Engaging the right fulfilment partner can relieve you of such concerns. They help you manage the orders while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Brand loyalty is thus earned when customers express satisfaction with the way they engage with the retail experience as a whole – customers will purchase from you again if they have had a positive experience.

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