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How to Revolutionise your Customer Experience

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How to Revolutionise your Customer Experience

We live in an age of instant gratification where customers expect to get what they want almost immediately - this includes parcels or documents. 80% of businesses were reported to expect immediacy in the services they required. This is further aggravated by the emphasis on customer satisfaction, which altogether results in an exponential increase in customers' expectations of courier services.


Customers expect exceptional services with negligible waiting time.

Moreover, the recent emphasis on personal data protection calls for more stringent legislation with regards to the delivery of sensitive documents from corporations such as insurance companies, banks, and MNCs. As such, companies face increased difficulty delivering exceptional delivery services due to greater expectations and stricter legislation from their clients. 

A business that provides exceptional customer service requires a combination of measures to address the aforementioned problems seamlessly. Our focus is to get items to the intended recipient efficiently through our delivery services. 

The procedures may seem complex but fret not! We have simplified it into 3 simple requirements that will enhance your user experience.

1. Leverage on the expertise of industry experts

One of the most important and yet often overlooked element of enhancing your user experience would be to tap on the existing knowledge of industry experts. 

Industry experts have acquired vast operations expertise, bestowing them with the capabilities of providing you with your business specific solutions. These corporations have often amassed significant capital and are at the forefront of incorporating technology in their delivery processes. This enables them to tap on their existing capacity and economies of scale to diversify their service offerings at more competitive rates as compared to businesses with a sole specialisation.

Additionally, the intertwining of technology in delivery processes includes the usage of real-time parcel tracking, thus extending the visibility of the delivery process to you. No more aimless wait for parcels and documents when their location is instantly accessible at your fingertips! More time could be devoted to growing your business instead of constantly waiting for your parcels and documents to arrive. 

Remember, an investment in an exceptional courier service is an investment in the quality of your business


2.Flexibility and personalisation

Given the plethora of parcels and documents that you could potentially receive and send out, it is unavoidable that the items might require different packaging and handling. Choosing the right courier partner that can fulfil your ever-changing needs can thus be quite tedious at times.

Therefore, it is imperative for the providers of courier services to customise their offerings to meet or even exceed the expectations of various businesses. According to Epsilon, 90% of customers agree that providing personalised services is imperative in winning their business. This could come in the form of tamper-resistant packaging and special handling requested by you.

Find a company that is capable of fulfilling your demands, as opposed to limiting yourself to their offerings.


3. Confidentiality

Physical documentation is an important procedure in business transactions. These documents can contain extremely sensitive information. There is thus a need for a reliable courier that can assist in the delivery process to ensure the utmost security. Undeniably, there will be a need to verify the identity of the recipient for such documents. However, this could potentially cause problems for businesses that are currently using NRIC numbers for the identification processes as it will be illegal for organisations (unless required by law) to collect, use or disclose NRIC numbers from September 2019 onwards, under the PDPC.

In order to combat this issue, there are a few methods that can help with the identification of the recipient. Firstly, a pre-delivery alert notification could be provided to the recipient to verify their identity. Alternatively, the recipient could receive a unique pin to identify him/herself to the delivery specialist. These measures ensure the confidentiality of the documents and fall within the boundaries of the PDPC legislation.

Do not make the identification process tedious and complicated for your customers.

Now all you need is the right team to make this happen.

This is where Roadbull Logistics comes in. Click here to view more.

You can always count on us to get it delivered.


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